Welcome to the Symbaloo Basic Certification!
Intro to Symbaloo
SymbalooEDU Overview
How to Create an Account
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What is a Tile?
How to Create a Tile
How to Edit/Delete a Tile
Lesson Plan Gallery
Add and Edit Lesson Plan Tiles
Creating Custom Tile Images
How to Search for a Webmix
How to Edit a Webmix
Intro to Webmixes
How to Embed in Symbaloo
Lesson Plan Analytics
Intro to Lesson Plans
Browse Tiles by Category
Symbaloo Bookmarker
How to Share a Webmix
RSS Feeds
Assignment & Quiz 1
How to Copy/Move a Tile
Final Assignment and Exam
Intro to SymbalooEDU Premium Accounts
Setting Up a Landing Page
Assignment and Quiz 2
Embed a Webmix to Your Blog/Website
Embed a Webmix to Your Blog/Website
Tile Grouping
Marking Tool